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MedRx Product Benefits




Better Patient Satisfaction

The MedRx audiological product line is specifically designed to assist hearing care professionals in counseling, educating and informing both the patient and family members about specific patient hearing loss and showing what they are missing. 


Built-in software tools not only assist in demonstrating “real world” experiences to the 3rd party, but also allow professionals to demonstrate key hearing instrument features of the most advanced hearing technologies, which often leads to more high-end sales and better patient satisfaction and retention. 



Product designers at MedRx also recognized the need for more space within many retail testing and fitting environments and the need for portability. MedRx instrumentation for testing and fitting are some of the smallest, most powerful and affordable devices in the industry.    


Software Updates 24/7

MedRx instrumentation is PC-based and software driven, allowing updates, product options and new features to be easily downloaded from our website 24-hours a day. (Start downloading today)


Excellent Support & Training

We understand the need for excellent product support and training. Utilizing state-of-the-art internet tools, customer support and training specialists can conduct training on your schedule, live and interactive. Skilled technical support specialists are available to quickly assess hardware and software issues to get you up and productive fast. 


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